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Everway Game System

Designed by Jonathan Tweet

About the Designer

Everway™ is a visionary roleplaying game that uses imagery and symbols to create dramatic stories of epic heroism. The system is extremely flexible to allow the players to create and portray any kind of hero they can imagine. Visual inspiration is an important part of character creation with a set of ninety "vision cards" which depict various situations, creatures, and people that you might find in the game world.

Game play is guided through simple hero attribute comparison, story appropriateness, and a unique set of thirty-six symbolic cards called the Fortune Deck. Players take on the role of "spherewalkers", travelers able to step from world to world through magical gates. The thousand worlds of Everway provide rich opportunities for unique game play experiences.

The Everway line consists of the following products:

Core Game Line
  • Everway Playing Guide »
    The core rulebook for the Everway game system (162 pages). Everything you need to know to play an Everway game is in this book.
  • Everway Fortune Deck & Guide
    Gamemasters moderate an Everway game using this unique 36-card tarot deck and the accompanying Guide to the Fortune Deck.
  • Everway Vision Deck
    Players use this unique set of 90 Everway art cards for hero creation.
  • Everway Gamemastering Guide »
    This rulebook introduces a gamemaster to the basics of moderating an Everway game (64 pages). Includes the introductory quest Journey to Stonedeep by Jonathan Tweet.
  • Everway Hero Sheets
    Includes 24 full-color Hero Sheets, 12 ready-to-run heroes, a full-color map of the city of Everway, and Thief of Storms, an introductory quest by Jesse McGatha & Richard Thames Rowan
Spherewalker™ Setting
  • Spherewalker Sourcebook
    Spherewalker Sourcebook by Greg Stolze is an Origins™ Award nominated book that introduces the Everway multiverse. Encyclopedic in format, every paragraph is packed with ideas for your Everway game.
  • Spherewalker Source Cards
    This companion card set for the Spherewalker Sourcebook provides complementary source material and 90 beautifully rendered images by well-known artists.
Everway Quest Books
  • Realms of the Sun: Book One - Bright Fires
    This first questbook features the quest Bright Fires by Nicole Lindroos. Includes realm guides to Sun Mound and Highpole by Geoffrey C. Grabowski.
  • Realms of the Sun: Book Two - Heart of Stone
    This second questbook features the quest Heart of Stone by Greg Stolze. Includes a realm guide to the Swift Plains by Geoffrey C. Grabowski.
Other Everway Supplements
  • Waves of Time
    Source material on the realm of Wavebreak by Greg Stolze, the author of Spherewalker Sourcebook. Published in electronic format on CD.
  • Everway Companion Collector Cards
    A 90-card set of fantasy collector cards published by FPG, Inc. in randomly assorted packs of 10 cards.
  • The Familiar #5 - August 1995
    An independent game magazine with "The Lands of the Unity Engine", a 17-page article on the realm Unity Engine by Greg Stolze with an introduction by Jonathan Tweet.

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