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Welcome to the home of Gaslight Press, the official source for information on the Gaslight product line and the best source for quality support material. For information on a particular product line, click the appropriate tab on the navigation bar above.


News Headlines

04/01/02 - GAMA Trade Show Recap
Gaslight Press attended this year's GAMA Trade Show (GTS) from March 18 to 21, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada. GTS is the premier industry trade show where retailers get to see the products demonstrated by the publishers directly, as well as party, schmooze, and lose a lot of money at the gambling tables in the evenings. This year's show was great for Gaslight Press as we helped out in the Osseum booth and got a lot of nice compliments from the industry folks on Gryphon's Legacy. Overall, we received a tremendous response from the retailers as well. Here's to next year!

01/19/02 - The Gryphon's Legacy Now Available »
The Gryphon's Legacy has been at many stores for just over a month now, so if your local game store does not have a copy, ask them to stock it. It is available from all major distributors. The product is doing very well and has been well received.

Product Announcements

9/10/01 The Gryphon's Legacy, a Sun & Scale adventure.

A dynamic module of classic adventuring, exploration, and kingdom-building, with a castle to siege and settlers to protect from the ghostly marauders ravaging the countryside.

2/16/01 Everway Second Edition

Still pretty early, but can follow developments in the Everway pages.

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